[dojo-contributors] API viewer and child widget directives to parent

Ben Hockey neonstalwart at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 10:38:10 EDT 2012

before i start… it seems the links to bill's checkout of the API viewer are broken and i haven't taken the time to stand it up myself so i'm responding without having looked at those links so please excuse anything resulting from my ignorance :)

On Jul 11, 2012, at 10:11 AM, Tom Trenka wrote:

> It's *possible* to do in Javascript, and therefore needs to be handled.

that's the key here i think… the API documentation needs to reflect what is happening in JavaScript.

however, it sounds to me like the desire is to know which module made these changes and the "from" field presumably has that but do we have module level documentation?  i know there was discussion about it - i just haven't kept up.  i think having all these extra fields listed in dijit._WidgetBase (the object) is the right thing to do.  however, perhaps module level documentation for dijit/layout/BorderContainer (or any other modules that apply code that extends the dijit._WidgetBase object) could point out that this code exists in that module.  maybe module level documentation would list (among other things) what is declared, extended and returned by that module.  the "from" link rendered in dijit._WidgetBase could then link to that module documentation rather than the documentation for the object.


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