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Kitson Kelly kitson.kelly at asseverate.co.uk
Sun Jan 1 03:01:44 EST 2012

Ah, I was missing something.

I will edit dojo.require() in the docs to reference the AMD page.  This was
the piece of documentation I was missing, because reading the source code,
while insightful, wasn't the easiest thing to get my head wrapped around.

My main reason for asking for it was because I was thinking in the "Dojo
way" and didn't fully appreciate/remember that we need to keep parity with
the AMD specification.


On 31 December 2011 21:00, Rawld <rgill at altoviso.com> wrote:

> **
> In the example you show, I don't understand how the non-error code path of
> a deferred is any different than the callback from a require.
> The error-code path is another matter entirely. imo, the amd spec (as it
> exists today) does not address error recovery rationally. I made some
> attempt to put some hooks into dojo's loader, but was too busy at the time
> to engage the amd list. Here's what is there:
> http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/loader/amd#error-reporting
> There is a use  case for returning deferreds where you want to load module
> x, which (in general) has a *run-time* dependency on one module in {x1,
> ..., xn}. That run-time dependency computation may itself require modules
> to be loaded. This can be handled with a plugin. An example is found in
> dojox/gfx. I suspect this is the real heart of the matter with the parser,
> so a plugin may also be the answer there.
> Bryan Forbes had a nice way to express and asynchronous-asynchronous
> module load...can't find it presently (Bryan, maybe you can remind us of
> the syntax you proposed).
> fwiw, I'm also happy to consider trying out new loader features. I
> constructed the loader so it would be easy to include/exclude features at
> run-time/build-time. Getting the amd implementers to agree is a whole
> 'nother ball-o-worms. I'll help argue, but if you want it to be part of the
> quasi-official spec, join https://groups.google.com/group/amd-implementand be prepared to be exhausted.
> --Rawld
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