[dojo-contributors] dojo v1.7 bootstrap

Rawld Gill rgill at altoviso.com
Wed Mar 16 05:32:45 EDT 2011

The current status of the work is at https://github.com/altoviso/dojo-v1.7-

You can see base loading, including all the has feature tests by downloading 
the code, serving it with your favorite http server and pointing your browser 
to dojo/tests/_base/bootstrap/main-browser.html. Tested very lightly only on 
Firefox only.

If I can get the sync fallback to work, then I should be able to get this to 
pass all the tests as they are currently written...that's the goal.

Again, I think this dovetails perfectly with what Kris is doing. I am hopeful 
that with some smart build transforms we can get some very nice results.

See the readme for details on the work so far.


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