[dojo-contributors] Event handling proposal

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Wed Mar 16 03:01:11 EDT 2011

Hi Kris, thanks for working on this.   From your description it sounds
really great.

I looked over the patch briefly, although it's a lot of changes so it's hard
to analyze it thoroughly.     I guess this code isn't quite ready to run
yet?  fx.html doesn't load for me on either FF or IE9.

Other comments inline:

* Function event types, allowing you to create new custom/extension
> events (like dojo/touch.press) in a safe extensible way. Special
> handling of certain key events (keypress, onmouseleave, and onmousenter)
> are implemented using extension events. For example:
> dojo.connect(node, dojo.touch.press, listener);
Looks good, sounds like the so-called ondijitclick could leverage that

> * Introduce a new lightweight dojo/listen module/function that can be
> used sans the large blocks of corrective code for keypress,
> onmouseleave, and onmousenter emulation (particular useful to avoid for
> mobile apps).
> Eugene will probably have more comments about aop.js and listen.js.   IIRC
he already had a version of the events code that's smaller and
backwards-compatible, in the dojox.aop area.

> * Modularization - Trying to improve the modularity of our event handling:
> There is several distinct pieces of functionality in dojo/_base/event.js
> that is broken out:
> - keypress handling - this is moved out to dojo/_base/keypress.js as a
> custom extension/emulation event.
Didn't quite follow the code in keypress.js, I know for IE you need to
generate faux keypress events for non-printable characters (otherwise you
just get a keydown event), but it looks like you are listening for keypress
events in order to generate keypress events:

 return listen(object, "keypress", function(evt){


  // simulate a keypress event

  var faux = _synthesizeEvent(evt, {type: 'keypress', faux: true, charCode:

> - mouseenter/mouseleave handling - moved to dojo/mouse.js as a custom
> extension/emulation event.
> About mouse.js, I wanted to test to make sure that your faux-feature
detection for the mouse-button code is doing the right thing for IE9 (both
standards mode pages and quirks pages), but like I said above, can't run the
code yet to check.

Note that some of these ideas for aop/listening have been suggesting for
> 2.0. However, this patch adds this functionality without breaking
> compatibility, so it seems like it might be viable in 1.x.

> * dojo/listen provides an Evented base class that can be extended for
> event emitting objects, providing on() and emit() methods (could be used
> by a future widget class hierarchy)
> You mean like http://bugs.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/9692 ?

Are you saying that widgets could emit custom events (ex: onWidgetClick)
 that bubble up the DOM tree?   Apps could (for example) listen for those
events on dojo.body()?

Pete, you were working on that but got stuck and couldn't finish.   What was
the issue you had?

> * list provides separation of events and methods. You can have a "start"
> method that conditionally triggers a "start" event (mapped to
> "onstart"), for example.
Didn't follow this.

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