[dojo-contributors] Dojo Utilities?

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 11:38:11 EST 2011

> I just want to make sure we have a plan for how companies can continue get a
> full distro containing the founddation contributed pieces as they've been
> able to do it in the past, with the quality they expect not just around
> code, but tests, docs, etc. There are many companies that need to pull the
> aggregate distro, and not just pieces.

If it helps, this is basically what I envision for 2.0+ in terms of

1) We assemble, from separate packages, what we would consider to be
Dojo Core and Dijit today;
2) We include some sort of directory where other packages should live
once installed;
3) We include *selected* projects that formerly lived in DojoX, and
distribute in that separate packages directory;
4) We create an archive (zip/gz) for download by anyone to use.

In essence, what we would consider the "official" distribution to be
as a pre-assembled set of packages, along with guidance on how to
install secondary packages people might use (for instance, if Charting
is not part of the core distribution, we'd include it in the separate
packages folder as an example of a pre-installed package).  At this
point, the actual distribution is more of a
marketing/best-practice-as-recommended by the Dojo community, and less
a single entity; the idea being that if someone wanted to create their
own custom package, they could go to the source repositories and
manually assemble them using the package management tools Kris is
working on (and I've volunteered to create a web-friendly version of).

Does that make sense, and do you think that would satisfy the
requirements of companies creating their own custom distributions?


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