[dojo-contributors] Dojo Utilities?

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 11:30:43 EST 2011

> I really don't view James application (tool) any different than these.
> Again, I'm agreeing that it makes sense to separate these tools out going
> toward Dojo into Dojo Foundation owned, individually run projects.  All of
> the current code was contributed to Dojo Foundation under CLA which
> maintains Dojo Foundations copyrights and standards on pedigree and quality
> wherever possible.

This brings up a good question, and something posed privately by
Dylan...for those companies that distribute some version of DTK, do we
need to move things to a shared Dojo Foundation code-hosting solution?
 We'd discussed (and even setup) Github accounts for each of the
individual projects, but maybe we really need to have a master Dojo
Foundation account, under which things live to satisfy some of the
legal requirements of our partners...I don't know Github well enough
to know if it is possible to limit commit access based on individual
projects or not but perhaps this is something to investigate sooner
than later.

With regards to the projects you mentioned above, Chris: all four of
those projects are considered to be core functionality to be used by
developers, and have minimum requirements (basically a Java instance
and a PHP one).  James' web builder requires a bit more than that IIRC
(a Java server like Tomcat, plus others).  We don't distribute the
actual API doc website tool (what is running at dtk.org/api/), and I
think James' work falls into that category.  (We do distribute the
actual doc parser, but not the corresponding website--that lives in a
DTK SVN repo that is separate from DTK itself).


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