[dojo-contributors] Dojo 1.7 Goals: has() and granular dependency lists

Kris Zyp kzyp at dojotoolkit.org
Fri Mar 11 10:10:06 EST 2011

There are a couple of additional overarching goals that I would like to
see pursued in 1.7. First, we should start using the has() pattern for
feature detection branching in our code. Here is the ticket for (and
explaining) this enhancement:

Second, as our AMD support will be improved in 1.7, we should start
using more precise dependency lists to facilitate highly optimized
builds (only what is needed) and fewer runtime property lookups:

I don't think the entirety of the Dojo codebase necessarily needs to be
upgraded to these two coding improvements, but we should try to perform
these upgrades when possible on code that is actively maintained or
developed, or heavily used modules.

Also, if anyone is interested here is patch for adding a module for
supporting native JSON parsing (using the techniques listed above):

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