[dojo-contributors] Loader-less builds?

Kris Zyp kzyp at dojotoolkit.org
Thu Mar 10 16:27:31 EST 2011

Along the lines of creating more compressible (with Closure or other
future tools) and lighter builds, I was wondering if any of our build
tools could ever create builds that directly generated variables from
modules in such a way as to make the connections more visible to code
compressors and avoiding even needing a module loader. Here is an
example of what I mean:

Having the capability to create such a build would have several benefits:
1. Closure seems to understand this and do pretty impressive compression
on it.
2. Built application potentially doesn't need any loader code, saving
even more KBs.
3. Package authors can easily generate zero-dependency scripts that make
their code available to extremely broad range of developers
4. May provide more ease in compatibility if sub-paths are mapped to
nested namespace (as I did in the example).

Anyway, I realize that there is a lot functionality in AMD that may be
non-trivial to map to this. Just wanted to see if this is a possibility
worth exploring.


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