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Chris Mitchell ccmitchellusa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 10:29:13 EST 2011

ok with goal of "breaking out pieces of our repository", but there are some
things that need to be ironed out ahead of time...

1) Is this new GitHub project going on James' personal github account?  If
so, this will be a problem...if James were to go away for whatever reason
(not that  that will happen any time soon).   I hear there is a Dojo
Foundation account that can be used... Where are the details for how we can
establish GitHub projects maintained under this account.

2) The Web Builder is new code that hasn't existed in dojo before, so it's
easy  easier to break out as it's own thing now.  It has client side parts
that can follow the package metadata spec from Ttrenka, but what are
considerations for package structure of the server pieces (Java-based) in
this case.

3) For existing project's already part of Dojo distro's, for example gfx
that we want to split out to github, I believe we need to address (1) above,
and mandate that the separating packages follow ttrenka's package metadata
format.  We really need an exemplar project here, that illustrates how
developers should structure docs, tests, licenses, etc. so that Dojo.next
can be aggregated back together--not just from a JS module perspective.
Until an exemplar project is put together and an example of how the
extracted git projects can be re-aggregated to form Dojo.next, we should be
very careful...other wise Dojo WILL fragment, losing the value it's built up
to companies in the past.
   a) Docs need to be structured (phiggins' work should help here, but
guidelines still need to be written) so that they can be pulled together
into a reference guide. I don't think James' project is the one to use for
this because of (2)).
   b) We need to be able to run tests across sanctioned projects as a whole,
to ensure the separated modules continue work properly together.

4) If we don't have the ability to pull separated projects back together
(3), it will be untenable for companies (like IBM) to do the legal work
necessary to make Dojo's pedigree the quality it needs to be for enterprise
customers.  This is not a small amount of work, but is something the OSS
community needs to be aware of in terms of downstream consumption in large
companies...it is important to continue to maintain our quality around
pedigree when things split out, and doing this on an aggregate distro is the
only feasible way right now.


2011/3/10 Adam L. Peller <adam at peller.org>

> So I've always been +1 on breaking out pieces of our repository, and utils
> seems to be a great place to start.  Not only would it enable a separate
> development and release cycle, but it would help bring down the size and
> complexity of our distribution.  There are many web developers who would
> feel overwhelmed by other languages and technologies besides html/css, and
> this particular app can ultimately be provided "in the cloud", in which case
> many developers would not require the source at all, so I think this is a
> great candidate.
> -Adam
> On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 6:34 AM, James Thomas <jthomas.uk at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm very close to reaching a stage where the Web Builder can be
>> released externally, both a hosted version and the entire source code.
>> The source code lives in a private github repository and the release
>> plan was going to be making the repo public, rather than committing it
>> to the actual Dojo SVN "utils" directory. Do people have any
>> objections to this?
>> I very much see this project as being a member of our awesome Dojo
>> Utilities but given we want to break away DojoX from being under
>> centralised source control in the future, I didn't think adding
>> another large project to SVN seemed appropriate.
>> Do we think that other tools might be broken out like this in the
>> future, like the new doc tools?
>> I don't have many definite answers I'm afraid but wanted to bring it
>> up anyway.....
>> --
>> Regards,
>> James Thomas
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