[dojo-contributors] Fwd: Using Dojo 1.6 with Closure -- document attached

Rawld Gill rgill at altoviso.com
Mon Mar 7 10:40:48 EST 2011

On Thursday 03 March 2011 20:24:56 Stephen Chung wrote:

> I’ve also looked into the intro for bdbuilder and it looks like a fantastic
> piece of work.  The parsing part should enable transforms to be written for
> almost any type of optimization.  However, I doubt whether it would be an
> efficient use of time to duplicate much of what the Closure Compiler is
> already offering today.  My feel is that bdbuilder can be used to add a
> vast variety of features (perhaps additional goodies tied to Dojo syntax)
> that Closure does not address, and use Closure for the standard set of
> optimizations.  Of course, a transform can be written for bdbuilder to
> automatically convert a set of AMD sources into a Closure-friendly format.

Agree 100%. That's where I was heading with this work.

It's important to note that these kind of transforms become increasingly 
difficult with regexs. That's why I believe having ASTs available is 


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