[dojo-contributors] finishing AMD work / wednesday meeting

Kris Zyp kzyp at dojotoolkit.org
Tue Mar 1 08:32:39 EST 2011

I should be there as well.
On 3/1/2011 3:46 AM, Rawld Gill wrote:
> I'll be there.
> It seems like it would be a good time to open this topic to all areas of dev 
> planned for 1.7.
> fwiw, I've just about got bdBuild done, documented, and tested. It is a 
> general-purpose transform engine, and should be a good platform so solve our 
> various build problems.  I will offer a dojo-dedicated copy/branch of it 
> inside the util tree. I've got an almost-complete tutorial at 
> http://bdframework.org/bdBuild/docs/bdBuild-tutorial/bdBuild-tutorial.html. If 
> you read just the overview section, you will understand how this program can 
> solve a lot of problems.
> Best,
> Rawld
> On Monday 28 February 2011 19:02:55 Bill Keese wrote:
>> Rawld and Kris, will you be around for the Wednesday meeting?
>> Now that 1.6 is tagged and branched (yay!), we should talk about
>> schedule/tasks/etc. for finishing up the AMD work for the 1.7 release.
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