[dojo-contributors] desktop and mobile event consolidation

Shane O'Sullivan shaneosullivan1 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 11:53:47 EDT 2010

Hi Bill,

Jared offered to have a go at working to get the Wink code integrated
into core events.  The approach taken currently with dojox.mobile is
to use your second "magical" approach,


On 22 October 2010 08:48, Bill Keese <bill at dojotoolkit.org> wrote:
>  At DDD we talked about making the current dojo & dijit code (DnD,
> Slider, ComboBox etc.) work on mobile. One approach (to solve part of
> the problem) is to consolidate events so that a touchmove looks like a
> mousemove (or something like that). Did someone say that wink had code
> for this already and we should merge it?
> My thought was to create new event names, for example:
> dojo.connect(node, "move", function(){...})
> would connect to both mousemove and touchmove, so that our code would
> work on all devices, including blackberry and some fancy desktop
> machines that support both touch and mouse.
> Another approach is to make existing event names work for mobile, so that
> dojo.connect(node, "mousemove", function(){...})
> would _also_ connect to touchmove. That's a bit magical but the upside
> is that existing code (including user code) will work w/out changes.
> What do you think?
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