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Ben Hockey neonstalwart at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 11:16:26 EDT 2010

it was exciting to see dojo-sie added to trunk yesterday.  thanks rawld for
your work on this.

even though i haven't been at the weekly meetings, i've been trying to
follow along with the transcripts to keep up with what's happening but i
still have some questions.  some of these may have been touched on briefly
in the weekly meetings but perhaps this will give an opportunity for some
more detailed explanations.  if there is some documentation that already
covers any of this then feel free to just point me to it - btw, this is not
meant to be a backhanded way of saying "where's the docs?"

the first 2 questions are directed generally to the group rather than rawld

-  is it intended that dojo-sie.js becomes dojo.js so that existing projects
would get the new loader by default?

- it seems that the bootstrap (code which specifically loads dojo base) and
the loader (the mechanism to load stuff) are combined in dojo-sie.js.  is
there any intention to try and separate these 2 so that a different loader
could be used with very little effort and minimal overhead?  for example,
dojo/_base.js might contain the bootstrap code which assumes "require" and
"define" already exist.  if a developer included dojo/dojo.js in their
page (assuming dojo-sie.js becomes dojo.js) then that would include the
default loader and automatically load dojo/_base.js.  however, if a
developer wanted to use a different loader then they would use that loader
to load dojo/_base.js and the net result should be basically the same as if
they had included dojo/dojo.js.

- rawld, is there a way to change configuration options
(eg v1xGlobals, loaderOnly, etc) during development?

as i make more of an attempt to use this in my current work, i'll probably
have some more questions.  to give some background on my use case, part of
my current project includes building a widget/application that will live in
other people's pages.  loading dojo anonymously (ie without globals) is
something i'll be looking at closely since the widget could potentially be
included in a page that already uses dojo.  also, i *might* consider that if
a loader already exists in the page (ie "require" and "define" already exist
as globals) then i'll just "require" the bootstrap (dojo/_base.js) rather
than manually inject the loader (dojo/dojo.js).

also, sorry if i'm asking questions which were covered somewhere else but
i've looked and haven't found definitive answers to these questions.


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