[dojo-contributors] ContentPane calls startup on child widgets too early - is this intended?

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Oct 18 08:26:17 EDT 2010

  Doesn't sound right.   Like you said, ContentPane.startup() should 
call startup() on it's children.

On 10/17/10 9:48 PM, Shane O'Sullivan wrote:
> I noticed recently that the dojox.widget.FeedPortlet isn't working.
> When looking to see what changed, I noticed that ContentPane, which it
> inherits through TitlePane, calls startup() on its child widgets as it
> parses them.
> This never happened before, and it results in startup() being called
> on child widgets of ContentPane before startup() is called on the
> ContentPane itself.
> Is this intended?  Surely startup() on child widgets should only be
> called during or after startup() on the containing widget?
> Thanks
> Shane
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