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Eugene Lazutkin eugene at lazutkin.com
Mon Oct 18 02:07:36 EDT 2010

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As promised I started to prototype the upcoming Dojo 2.0 Base AKA
"Pulsar". You can find it there: http://github.com/uhop/pulsar
(warning: work in progress, extremely far from finished).

While not everything is in place, you can look at what's available to
get a feel. As of now it is a straight port of existing Dojo Base
modules, no controversial decisions were made at this point. ;-) It is
based on RequireJS --- newly accepted Dojo Foundation project
(congrats!). EmbedJS by Uxebu was a big input. Some DojoX and plugd
modules are considered as candidates for some functionality.

At this point and in the near future Pulsar is not positioned as a
final product. It is more of a playground to try out different ideas.
Nothing is set in stone. Any code in it will be benchmarked for
performance and size impact. Ideally we can grow it to be the base,
but be prepared that it can be discarded and we will start anew.

I plan to have an informal presentation/town hall/round table-type
discussion during DDD, so we can talk about philosophy of the change
- --- goals, possible solutions, alternatives, and other pertinent
details. I need all input and all help I can get --- please come
prepared by thinking about this problem, what should be changed in
Dojo, what should be added, and what should be preserved. Any
practical/constructive ideas are welcomed. Non-technical ideas (visual
design, marketing, PR) are welcomed too. Feedback from your projects,
which can suggest or confirm changes, would be invaluable as well.
Let's make Pulsar the community-driven project --- only together we
can do something great.

Special attention is paid to mobile web apps. If you are mobile
developers, be prepared to talk about your experiences.

Clearly the base, while important, is just a small part of Dojo 2.0.
IMHO, the most important action would be in the loader (RequireJS at
the moment), additional packages (the base is a mere package), the
package manager, and the future package marketplace. Those big things
will make or break Dojo 2.0 and we cannot afford to screw it up. If
you have any positive ideas, real world experience, or constructive
criticism relevant to those areas --- please share!

See you all in at Palm!


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Eugene Lazutkin
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