[dojo-contributors] Dojo & Mobile - devs needed

Adam L. Peller adam at peller.org
Tue Oct 5 10:11:15 EDT 2010

How far is dojox.charting from running on mobile?  I'd be thrilled if
we didn't have to fork the codebases for dojox.mobile.  wrt grid, I
wonder if a simple pagination widget based on the new data stores
would be sufficient?  Code size here would be a major factor.  Such a
light widget could also be popular on the desktop.  Perhaps this fits
into the new grid architecture, but I worry that it would be difficult
to meet conflicting goals of code size and flexibility.


2010/10/5 Evan Huang <evanhuangwei at gmail.com>:
> Hi Shane,
> Recalling this thread, I just got some new thoughts, please correct me if
> any inappropriateness(sorry for getting back late as I only recently got a
> chance to explore the emerging mobile world):
> So how about adding following two pieces to our mobile plan? If possible I'd
> like to spend my partial time on them after v.1.6(will need to get support
> from my boss ;-) )
> 1. dojox.mobile.Gird
> 2. dojox.mobile.Charting
> I think both of them are very important to mobile, will help us catch up and
> may also help make dojox.mobile outstanding(at least I haven't seen any
> similar activities yet in JQTouch, ShenCha...)
> For #1, we may try to leverage the in-progress new Grid work to figure out a
> lightweight mobile version(still = core + a smaller set of features)
> For #2, more discussions are still needed, but since we've already got an
> excellent dojox.charting framework, we may start by reusing the canvas impl
> with possible changes to make it more suitable for mobile.
> It's still not clear yet but I hope we could reuse most corresponding code
> in desktop version for #1 and #2. Once the interesting touch & gesture event
> layer were ready, we can then plug it in since HTML event handling is
> already separately encapsulated in new Grid(FIXME - the same for Charting?)
> As discussed previously, in the future we may have two typical
> usage scenario for dojox.mobile:
>     1. Within html page in mobile browsers
>     2. Run as native app in mobile(with help from some cool tools like
> PhoneGap),
> I'm optimistic that mobile Grid & Charting will apply well for the both
> cases.
> Most importantly, since mobile Grid & Charting both require significant
> efforts, we really need to ensure they worth the investment before hand.
> At last, following below are some existing mobile chartings, though most of
> them are still native app specific to a certain platform, I think we can get
> some inspiration anyway.
> http://designingwebinterfaces.com/mobile_chart_options
> http://www.zingchart.com/flash-and-html5-canvas/#compatibility
> http://www.keepedge.com/
> http://code.google.com/p/core-plot/
> http://code.google.com/p/s7graphview/
> http://www.componentone.com/SuperProducts/StudioMobile/
> http://www.artfulbits.com/Android/aiCharts.aspx
> http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/mobilechart.asp
> http://www.igindex.co.uk/spread-betting/mobile-charts.html
> Regards!
> - Evan
> On 8/18/10 12:43 AM, Shane O'Sullivan wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm very worried about Dojo and the mobile space.  As far as I can
>> see, we are still lacking anything resembling a cohesive strategy, and
>> are falling further and further behind.
>> I appreciate that everyone is busy, and that this economy is forcing
>> everyone, me included, to focus on their day jobs.  However, unless
>> enough people are interested in making Dojo a killer on mobile, and
>> have the time to donate, we might as well just admit we're going to
>> focus on desktop and leave it be.
>> I think dojox.mobile is a great start, and I very much want to make it
>> (under whatever moniker) the best mobile toolkit out there.  The work
>> the Uxebu guys are doing to customize Dojo for each platform is great
>> too, and very much needed.
>> However, what users want is a solid framework and great widgets.  We
>> don't have them yet, and at the current rate, I don't think we will
>> have them this side of 2012.
>> So, I'm willing to put a good amount of my time into dojox.mobile, but
>> unless others have time to contribute it'll never be anything close to
>> world class.  At the recent London mobile meet we had a good
>> discussion about where Dojo should go, but unfortunately no one
>> offered to actually write code for dojox.mobile.
>> Can I get a show of hands?  Alternatively, a simple "I don't have the
>> time" will do too.  I need to know if I'll be wasting my time on a
>> project that no one else has time to work on, or if there are 4 or 5
>> others who have the scope to build something great.
>> Thanks
>> Shane
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