[dojo-contributors] TreeGrid enhancement for 1.6 - lazy loading for children rows

Kris Zyp kzyp at dojotoolkit.org
Fri Oct 1 12:31:12 EDT 2010

On 10/1/2010 1:07 AM, Bill Keese wrote:
> We should definitely keep things simple, I'm just wondering if a store
> should have a flag to indicate which interface is supported, something
> that a widget can check before pulling any data, because it might
> affect how the widget is rendered (whether it has scroll bars, has
> next/previous buttons, etc.)   I don't know, maybe it's not necessary.
> As for sorting, all stores in 1.0 support sorting, or at least (for
> example) Grid assumes so. 

With JsonRestStore, sorting is deferred to the server side. Has every
server endpoint that has been used with JsonRestStore supported sorting
on every attribute? :). It many server setups with large data sets,
supporting sorting on non-indexed columns would actually be a major
flaw. There are even situations where sorting scalability depends on
which attributes/columns you are filtering on (getting into the
intracies of query planning). I have toyed with indicating which
attributes are indexed and support sorting in schemas, but I think the
potential complexity is way beyond what we want to deal with in the core
object store API.
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