[dojo-contributors] DataGrid is broken by new attr() in _Widgets.js

Wei CDL Huang hwcdl at cn.ibm.com
Wed Mar 31 23:13:42 EDT 2010


DataGrid is broken by some changes in _Widget.js - data of new pages are 
not getting loaded, pls see 
(scroll to the bottom to see the issue)

The cause is the new implementation of attr() is explicitly invoking 
get()/set() to fetch/set attributes, but unfortunately DataGrid has also 
been using "get()" for another job - fetching items from data store, and 
using "get=xxxx" for cell content rendering, the conflicts causes the 
issue - attr() uses DataGrid's get() to fetch attributes, then failed.

Just in case there are any similar potential bugs in other widgets.

- Evan
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