[dojo-contributors] Module formats for the browser

Kris Zyp kzyp at dojotoolkit.org
Fri Mar 26 09:12:45 EDT 2010

The preference of whether to code Dojo in CommonJS format or not, and
the value of that in making Dojo readily available in that format does
go well beyond the technical, and if most don't want to code in that
format, I am fine with that. If we can support the CommonJS transport
format through RequireJS, that is enough awesome for me.

I am correct that there is general agreement that we should move to
RequireJS for module loading in the future? Does my migration path (I
think it is still applicable) seem like reasonable path towards RequireJS?

I think the one other question is whether we should support naked
CommonJS modules (sync loading without transport wrapping). I would say
that does not belong in base (and maybe not core either), but maybe
create a module (maybe in dojox) that could handle this.


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