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Content preview:  Not really related to Kris's original question, but just to
   comment on Tom's comment... I do understand that using a build is an extra
   step many devs aren't used to in js/web development, however I still don't
   see what other good alternatives there are. On the one hand we could make
   our code less granular and this would happen automatically. However that
  approach basically means either a) you have to get a lot more code than you
   need most of the time or b) you have to have a much more sophisticated build
   tool that can strip things out. What are the other viable options that I'm
   missing? While the typical answer to many of the performance problems does
   get the 'create a build" response, more often than not this is because there
   are simply so many http requests. I've done several performance analysis
  for various clients and in every single one of them, getting the http requests
   to be minimized has been by far the most substantial impact on performance,
   even when they were already using a 'release' build. Additionally, most of
   the other toolkits do this same basic process for the same basic reason.

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