[dojo-contributors] GSoC 2010 -- Updates

Karl Tiedt ktiedt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 04:37:51 EDT 2010

We've had a good number of Mentors complete the forms required to be
official mentors (still lacking a few but I have no doubt the time its
required we'll be ready). I've already received an email or 2 from
potential students already showing interest in working with Dojo!
Besides those 2 things, this update is really short, I just wanted to
make sure that everyone got a look at the latest project suggestions
that have came in during the past week (since my last long email). So
with out further adieu, here they are: (reminder: full list is visible
here: http://ktiedt.dojotoolkit.org/gsoc/2010/ideas.html )

--------------------------------------- ideas from the mailing lists
- Refactor dojo.back to use dojo.hash under the covers
- Add multi-column and additional menu item types to dijit.Menu
- iframe utilities: am I in an iframe?  am I restricted by same
origin?  event delegation to window.parent... cross-browser
- body click listener - allow consumers to register callbacks to be
asked to block or do alternate actions when links are clicked.
- Proper onbeforeunload message API (Are you sure you want to navigate
away from this page?)
- More nifty image widgets (like an Image Preview widget  - on hover
of a link to any image type, show an image preview popup with pan/zoom
- Update dijits using HTML5 standards

- Statechart-to-Javascript compiler: (suggested by: Jacob Beard)
	The basic idea of the project is to create a Statechart-to-JavaScript
	compiler which is optimized for developing rich, browser-based user
	interfaces on the world wide web, and hooks nicely into Dojo.
	Statecharts are well-suited for describing certain kinds of complex UI
	behaviour, and the browser environment is already a particularly
	challenging platform for front-end developers to target, hence a
	Statechart-to-JavaScript compiler could be a great boon for web
	front-end developers. I have already done some work on both developing
	rich, browser-based user interfaces using SVG and Statecharts [0], and
	on constructing a Statechart-to-JavaScript compiler, which takes a
	statechart encoded as SCXML[1], and outputs optimized JavaScript. The
	work of the GSoC project would be to complete the
	Statechart-to-JavaScript compiler, and enhance it to support two
	additional features:

	1) animated, graphical debugging: it would generate a graphical
	representation of the statechart (using SVG directly or perhaps
	dojox.gfx), and instrument the compiled code so that it animates the
	graphical representation. This could then be hooked into a live
	user-interface to allow one to graphically debug their user interface.

	2) Integration with Dojo and Dijit: When developing a widget, it
	should be possible to easily describe its behaviour by including a
	generated statechart as a mixin. Other parts of Dojo's infrastructure
	may also be used, such as the event handling system, in order to
	convert UI events into statechart events.

	If anyone has any questions or comments, or would be interested in
	mentoring this project, please let me know. Thanks,
	[0] http://www.svgopen.org/2009/papers/36-Modelling_the_Reactive_Behaviour_of_SVGbased_Scoped_User_Interfaces_with_Hierarchicallylinked_Statecharts/
	[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/scxml/

Thanks again for everyone that has been contributing! GSoC 2010 is off
to a great start!
-Karl Tiedt

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