[dojo-contributors] GSoC 2010 -- What are we doing now? Read up! ; )

Karl Tiedt ktiedt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 04:27:31 EDT 2010

    Currently we are in the phase of Google Summer of Code where
prospective students contact organizations they are interested in
working with on a project for the summer. Per google, "Would-be
student participants discuss application ideas with mentoring
organizations." What does this mean to each of you, well here we go.
One last thing before the rambling begins, if you are interested in
mentoring, and are well versed in Dojo/Javascript -- Mentors are still
welcome to volunteer. If you are a community member (not a committer)
and would be interested in this, please contact me off list and I will
let you know the expectations and ask you some questions as well.
Alright on to the good stuff!


     A current list of some proposed ideas (by Dojo devs) can be found
here: http://ktiedt.dojotoolkit.org/gsoc/2010/ideas.html -- Do you
have to go with one of these? Of course not! You are welcome to,
actually no... WE ENCOURAGE YOU to propose an idea of your own! Does
this mean your idea will be accepted? No, not necessarily, but what it
does mean is one of a few things.
   1) You are probably very interested in this idea of yours (interest
drives motivation, motivation we like!)
   2) More than likely you've already done some level of research into
this (it was already on your mind right? -- Research breeds creativity
(ok maybe not), but it at least gives you a chance to provide a more
complete description of just what your idea is.
   3) This one is tricky, it relies on my first 2 assumptions being
correct, and if they are, then it shows motivation (this was mentioned
in #1 too (I did say we like it!))

Now if you like one of the ideas we currently have proposed (at the
above url) -- Let me know and I'll get you in touch with the people
who are interested in seeing that project through. Together you can
get a feel for what everyone expects of that project and who knows,
maybe even improve upon it. So to reiterate for the students:
    1) Ideas! (either a pre-existing proposal you like or a new
proposal that you came up with -- keep in mind you'll probably be
asked to explain why you think your proposal is beneficial to Dojo or
possibly Javascript community)
    2) Talk to us, we want to know who you are, what drives you, why
Dojo? (etc etc)
    3) Ask, we want you to completely understand our expectations,
whether its your proposal or ours.
    4) If you already have an idea in mind and we have mentors that
are expecting to handle that project, please, talk with them, by the
time the Summer is over you will know them quite well ;)
    5) If you are serious about participating contact me off list
please (just a quick hello -- We are still fleshing out our idea for
how to handle the "coding contest" that we did in previous years, and
as such I'd like to be able to let prospective students know ASAP in
order to give you plenty of time (one potential idea could involve a
little bit of digging -- so I'd like to give as much of a warning as
possible to allow for that).

Our previous FAQ (slightly updated for this year) is available here:
http://ktiedt.dojotoolkit.org/gsoc/2010/student-faqs.html (I'll be
fixing the links for my name soon if you happen to catch it as a link
to # -- It wont be that way for long ;))


    I still need many of you to sign up as mentors (I know I only sent
the email out early yesterday -- just a friendly reminder)... In terms
of this email though, if you are working on a proposal, fleshing it
out so students have more details to work with would be greatly
appreciated. If you happen to have a student in mind for a project you
have proposed PLEASE PLEASE make sure they are aware of what is
currently going on and make sure they are on the mailing lists so they
can stay up-to-date on things as I send them out! Lastly, and from
what I recall about past GSoC's this has never been a problem, ENGAGE
THE CURIOUS! We are at the stage of GSoC (and yes I know its the very
beginning), regardless its one of the most crucial points, where we
have to drive interest in the program so we can fill our spots. We
applied for 6 (based on volunteers available and past GSoC's), we
expect to get most of those (based on the past) and have a few people
not be able to volunteer (life happens, we understand and we'll work
around it, I promise!)... So to reiterate for mentors,
    1) ideas if you got em!
    2) engage potential students when they approach the community
    3) if you have a project you are expecting to mentor for, be sure
to entertain questions relating to it (and flesh out the proposal if
its still very vague).

Now that I've rambled on for sometime (hopefully you're still with me
here), I just want to say thanks again to everyone for making this
year possible for Dojo.
-Karl Tiedt

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