[dojo-contributors] Requesting your vote on the new theme name to replace 'Lucid' theme name in Dojo 1.5

Eugene Lazutkin eugene at lazutkin.com
Wed Mar 17 19:08:23 EDT 2010

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I don't like all three choices, so I guess I will have to abstain from
voting. How come we have only 3 choices? I don't care who came up with
vero/verve/claro, just surprised that these three are presented as the
only possible choice.

Eugene Lazutkin

On 03/17/2010 04:05 PM, Julie Santilli wrote:
> Hi ...
> I've been told this is the environment to get a quick census from the
> dojo contirbutors on an item; so here goes.
> I appreciate your quick vote on one the three proposed Dojo theme names,
> replacing the 'Lucid' theme name; this new name will be released in Dojo
> Toolkit 1.5.
> The current name 'Lucid' carries three main attributes of the
> enhancements done to the Dijit user interface, implementation and visual
> style.
>    1. clear and easily understood
>    2. bright, luminous, transparency
>    3. rational
> The three names are:
>    1. Vero,
>    2. Verve
>    3. Claro
> fyi: We can not use 'Lucid' as Dojo's next theme name as it is already
> in use by another Dojo project 'Lucid Desktop'.
> Thanks,
> Julie Santilli
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