[dojo-contributors] Requesting your vote on the new theme name to replace 'Lucid' theme name in Dojo 1.5

Julie Santilli santilli at ca.ibm.com
Wed Mar 17 17:05:29 EDT 2010

Hi ...

I've been told this is the environment to get a quick census from the dojo
contirbutors on an item; so here goes.

I appreciate your quick vote on one the three proposed Dojo theme names,
replacing the 'Lucid' theme name; this new name will be released in Dojo
Toolkit 1.5.

The current name 'Lucid' carries three main attributes of the enhancements
done to the Dijit user interface, implementation and visual style.
   clear and easily understood
   bright, luminous, transparency

The three names are:

fyi: We can not use 'Lucid' as Dojo's next theme name as it is already in
use by another Dojo project 'Lucid Desktop'.


Julie Santilli

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