[dojo-contributors] Spam and disfunct example at www.dojotoolkit.org

Peter Higgins dante at dojotoolkit.org
Tue Mar 16 11:15:05 EDT 2010

Wei CDL Huang wrote:
> By the way, seems I failed using my account "evan" to log in the doc 
> page for editting, anything I missed or I guess this is what you 
> mentioned - "...how to get admin rights for echo for some folks....."?
You need to login to the wiki (docs.dojocampus.org) to make edits. That 
should work with your dojofoundation.org account.

> Thanks!
> - Evan
> >
> I'll need to look into it further, but I suspect the default build
> change has broken the presence of supplemental test files used by the
> dynamic examples. (we no longer copyTests=true by default, and the side
> effect is a lot of support files for things go missing)
> Thanks for pointing this out.  I'll look into how to get admin rights
> for echo for some folks so we can remove stuff as necessary.
> Regards
> Peter
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