[dojo-contributors] GSoC 2010 application review

Douglas Hays doughays at us.ibm.com
Fri Mar 12 13:35:04 EST 2010

I wanted to suggest a tweak to the proposed "test":
Instead of finding and patching what they think is a problem, maybe
just grab any ticket with type=defect and milestone=future and submit
a patch for that.  I think I'd rather have patches for things that have
undergone a small measure of scrutiny instead of students patching
problems that end up being works-as-designed or not recreatable.

- Doug

  From:       Karl Tiedt <ktiedt at gmail.com>                                                                                              
  To:         "dojo dev." <dojo-contributors at dojotoolkit.org>                                                                            
  Date:       03/12/2010 01:27 PM                                                                                                        
  Subject:    Re: [dojo-contributors] GSoC 2010 application review                                                                       

Last call for any changes/updates to the application, submitting in 30mins

-Karl Tiedt
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