[dojo-contributors] GSoC 2010 application review

Karl Tiedt ktiedt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 20:34:04 EST 2010

Here I have what is basically the completed application for GSoC 2010.
The urls point to my sandbox (and the HTML files do not exist yet).. I
had originally intended to have pages put up on the main website to
keep everything congruent in styling and what not, however my time
dictated otherwise. (if any of the website folks that helped get it up
and running wish to help out with this I will update the URLS -- but
the application has to be turned in tomorrow by 5PM CST (if I
converted the times right (2300 UTC))

Any wording changes/suggestions are welcome -- the link is readonly
due to this being archived publicly :)


Thanks again to all who have volunteered as mentors, we ended up with
~12 or so total this year. Below the break you will find a description
of the current projects (extremely base and some well thought out)
people have suggested... I encourage you to suggest more if you have
some that come to mind.

Also I believe for the coding "contest" we will take a suggestion from
Rob regarding previous experience and have the students find a bug or
2 relating to their interest in the project and submit patches for
them. It will show how well they can follow style guidelines as well
as provide a valuable contribution up front for the project.

Thanks again for everyone's support, hopefully with everyone's
participation we can make GSoC 2010 our best one yet!

-Karl Tiedt

Brief listing of the few projects I know about that have been suggested

Graphing Calculator
	Mentor: Doug Hays
	Backup: Mark Hays

As described by Doug:
The Calculator widget should be a client-side only solution and
able to fill a large need for multi-function/multi-purpose calculators
utilized within a widely varying set of web-pages from mortgage
loans to college math classes to tax-returns.

Key Attributes:
- Inherits from _dijit._Templated
- Accepts localized numeric input similar to dijit.form.NumberTextBox
- Additionally accepts exponential notation
- Expression parser must handle non-JavaScript syntax such as x^y
instead of Math.pow() and n! instead of dojox.math.factorial()
- Configurable single or multi-line display
- Expression history with edit capability
- Utilizes dojox graphing capabilities for function plots
- Customizable themes (e.g. 4 function, scientific, graphing)
- Support at least basic trigonometry (with both degrees and radians)
and statistical functions
- User-defined functions
- Base conversions
- Buttons can be styled and rearranged
- Keyboard accessible

	Mentor: Adam Peller

As described by Adam:
Gather requirements for a packaging and distribution system for
Javascript-based plugins, possibly based on the mooforge system.  Look
for synergy with commonjs Packages spec and requirejs project. Also
suggested refining/rewriting the web  build tool (possibly as a
separate project -- I wasn't sure)

Dojo + Mobile ???
	Mentor: Nikolai
	Backup: Tobias

The Uxebu guys have offered to mentor a Dojo+Mobile related project,
however currently a solid idea hasn't been proposed.

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