[dojo-contributors] Forums to Die, Mail vote.

Mike Wilson mikewse at hotmail.com
Fri May 29 17:35:42 EDT 2009

[not trying to vote, just commenting]

Eugene Lazutkin wrote:
> I am not so sure we need to split the channel by topics. 
> If there is an effective tagging solution, splitting 
> channels becomes a moot point.

Yes, seeing the tagging system at SO has made me into a
believer in tagging instead of splitting. In theory it gets
rid of cross-posting and all the uncertainty on what 
forum/list to post to if you are posting about several
technologies. And ideally, a nice tagging culture evolves 
by itself.

I'm not sure how hard that would be, but being able to
subscribe to everything *except* certain tags would be
killer. (Personally I would f ex opt-out of the (sometimes)
massive traffic on the Grid as I don't use it.)

Best regards
Mike Wilson

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