[dojo-contributors] Forums to Die, Mail vote.

Torrey Rice itorrey at gmail.com
Fri May 29 12:06:29 EDT 2009


Chris Barber wrote:
> A year ago I'd be for the in-house mailing list, but today I'm -1. 
> Google Groups has a decent web interface that is quick and easy for
> everyday people to use and search.  Furthermore, by offloading the mail
> duties to Google Groups, that reduces the IT admin of the in-house
> mailing lists including server load, server outages, bandwidth, and spam
> filtering.  Keep the dojo-contributors and dojo-checkins lists in-house,
> but then as suggested split up dojo-interest in a couple separate Google
> Groups (dojo-core, dijit, dojox).
> -Chris
> Peter E Higgins wrote:
>> Hi Developers,
>> The time has come to end this discussion. We've been having it for
>> quite some time, and it is apparent that _something_ must happen in
>> the immediate future as our users are suffering from a number of
>> different issues.
>> We all can agree to this point on the following:
>> a) Multiple static support outlets is not helping anyone.
>>     * We're dividing our already overworked developers into forums and
>> mailing lists, signficantly reducing the participation in either.
>> b) The usability of the Drupal Forums is poor.
>> c) E-mail is future proof.
>> So, at last night's meeting we had a healthy discussion
>> [dojo.deathmatch(ftw)] trying to come to a consensus. The summary is,
>> more or less:
>> The forums need to go away. We need to make them read-only, and
>> clearly direct everyone to the mailing list. This needs to happen
>> immediately and precisely so there are no confused users during the
>> transition and no one wondering where to find support. We want to keep
>> email, as it is the preference of the majority and has been reliable
>> for years now.  The idea is to pick an email outlet and work from
>> there on the interface, either adopting groups or nabble, but
>> ultimately tie it into whatever email system we pick.
>> So I'm proposing a vote on the more specific issue of what to do
>> _after_ we discontinue the forums. The vote is:
>> Vote to continue using the existing in-house mailing lists, while
>> allowing external interfaces via the users choice of software (nabble
>> or similar software to be linked to from dtk.org and people can use
>> email or other options).  In the future we are open to providing
>> additional interfaces either internally or externally as appropriate.
>> Dojo-interest will be renamed and/or split into 1 or more mailing
>> lists as deemed appropriate by discussion and/or voting (or we can
>> stick wit t he dojo-core/dijit/dojox if desired).  All existing
>> mailing list users will automatically be integrated into this
>> process.  Archives will continue as they are and can be styled further
>> in the future if desired or left as they are (and pretty standard
>> among mailing list archives)
>> Your votes will be weighted based on participation in either the
>> forums or mailing lists. I'm +1, which is more +5ish ;)
>> Regards,
>> Peter
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