[dojo-contributors] Forums to Die, Mail vote.

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Fri May 29 00:08:46 EDT 2009

I guess I'll vote 0; I don't have a strong preference between the 
mailing list and google groups.

I wanted to mention that I setup a bridge from dojo-interest to google 


It's not so interesting at the moment though, as it turns out you still 
need to be subscribed to the dojo-interest mailing list in order to 
reply to a message.  (You can, however, reply from groups.google.com, so 
that's something.)

Peter E Higgins wrote:
>> Vote to continue using the existing in-house mailing lists, while
>> allowing external interfaces via the users choice of software
>> (nabble or similar software to be linked to from dtk.org and people
>> can use email or other options).

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