[dojo-contributors] Forums to Die, Mail vote.

Peter E Higgins dante at dojotoolkit.org
Thu May 28 19:33:37 EDT 2009

Bill mentioned my vote proposal wasn't clear. Here's the summary:
> Vote to continue using the existing in-house mailing lists, while
> allowing external interfaces via the users choice of software
> (nabble or similar software to be linked to from dtk.org and people
> can use email or other options).  In the future we are open to
> providing additional interfaces either internally or externally as
> appropriate. Dojo-interest will be renamed and/or split into 1 or
> more mailing lists as deemed appropriate by discussion and/or
> voting (or we can stick wit t he dojo-core/dijit/dojox if desired).
> All existing mailing list users will automatically be integrated
> into this process.  Archives will continue as they are and can be
> styled further in the future if desired or left as they are (and
> pretty standard among mailing list archives)

+1 indicates you want this, -1 indicates you want to go with
google-groups (as SO and friends were deemed inappropriate).

The weighted votes bit was a joke. Vote closes in 48 hours and is
limited to committers.


Peter E Higgins
Dojo Project Lead : http://dojotoolkit.org

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