[dojo-contributors] Google Groups management

sam foster potatosculptor at gmail.com
Thu May 28 08:02:50 EDT 2009

evolt.org has had a mailing list for eons, and they have a couple of
formatting conventions that lets them power some nice features on the

One is <tip title="some cool tip" author="my name">
Some code snippet or other tip that can stand alone from the email
thread context. and be harvested for publishing on the website

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 12:37 PM, Mike Wilcox <mwilcox at sitepen.com> wrote:
> I believe it was ruled out as not sufficient. I bring it up because I
> want to throw my vote in there that I agree. I wanted SO to work, but
> it doesn't – it's too different.  I also prefer email support and
> would be happy with either of the solutions that we are going to vote
> on.
> Maybe if the email stays internal we can build something that
> automatically archives the *good* messages – aka, the ones marked as
> solutions, and make them into a searchable database. No such power
> over Google Groups, which incidentally, is not searchable via the web,
> although it is within Google Groups (I'm sure someone will correct me
> if I'm wrong).
> Note there is a barrier to entry for some just checking out Dojo and
> having to join a mailing list to ask a question on how to get started
> (which is why forum-like interfaces were being mentioned I'm sure).
> And there's still IRC which is really, really good.
> Mike Wilcox

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