[dojo-contributors] Google Groups management

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Tue May 26 23:11:24 EDT 2009

I was also going to mention that Dylan's description of the perfect 
system sounded suspiciously like Stack Overflow :-).

The only weird thing is that Stack Overflow has questions (and answers) 
about everything computer related on the same forum, rather than being 
able to create a specific dojo forum (like on google groups).   Is that 
OK?   Perhaps it is, since people are already using SO for dojo.   So we 
just look for posts tagged as dojo, dojox, or dijit?

> The migration plan would be the following:
> Change the dtk.org forum page to say "ask questions at
> stackoverflow.com, and use these kinds of tags". Then have a section
> saying "looking for an old question asked on the dtk.org forum? Click
> here", which would take the user to a read-only view of our current
> forums.
> I would keep the current forum running on Drupal for now, just in
> read-only mode. If someone wants to do a wget-style saving of the
> current forum, then go for it, otherwise, just keep Drupal going for
> another year. At that point, the forum info will not be so useful
> (stackoverflow will have been populated with more relevant info) and
> we can just remove it. Or not, keep it around, but we can make that
> call in another year.
> Kill dojo-interest, keep dojo-contributors.

Agreed... since (so far) no one has volunteered to do any work for 
migration (including screen scraping with wget), this is the only route 
we have if we switch to any other system.

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