[dojo-contributors] Is there a tool to compress the CSS?

Guang Hong hongg at cn.ibm.com
Mon May 25 23:28:28 EDT 2009

I found that there's a big performance issue of Dojo. That is there are 
too many css files, which will cause too many http requests that will slow 
down the page loading.

For my case, I use Firebug to monitor the Net requests, there are 44 
requests in total and 35 of them a css requests.
 I think it is a big problem which will break the user experience and 
block the server as there are too much traffic!

So is there a tool to compress the Dojo CSS files just like the util that 
compress the Dojo JS files? Or just merge all the CSS files into one?
Anyone can help?

Best Regards!
Ray Hong (洪光)
Shanghai Globalization Laboratory(SGL)
China Development Laboratory(CDL), IBM
email: hongg at cn.ibm.com Tel: (86-21)-60922065
Welcome to visit our homepage: http://cdlsh.cn.ibm.com 
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