[dojo-contributors] Google Groups management

Jeff Chimene jchimene at gmail.com
Mon May 25 12:21:36 EDT 2009

On 05/25/2009 01:08 AM, Dylan Schiemann wrote:
> In my ideal world, the forums system would really have some of the same
> benefits of a information/knowledge management system, or a FAQs
> system... right now, the existing system has solved the performance
> issue (thanks to the tireless work of Dustin), but we're lacking three
> main things:
> * making sure all questions get answered
> * making sure highly useful or correct answers filter to the top for
> future use
> * email/forum/[insert other system] unification so all messages get
> routed and received in the user's choice of mechanisms

Jeebus, but this sounds like the Help Desk sub-system of a CRM platform. 
Dojo has what's needed on the client side. Is there a server available?

> On the first point, we're missing a few things:
> * mechanism mark a question as answered
> * mechanism to easily assign questions to the subject experts for that
> question

Yet another dart on the bull's eye

> On the second point, we fail miserably, but it could be a highly useful
> mechanism through something like moderator voting, or a way to link
> solid discussions to the relevant documentation.
> On the third point, I would expect users to be able to publish/subscribe
> questions/answers/ratings via email, web, twitter, rss, etc.


> I know, this is a lot of work, who's going to do it, etc.  But this
> explains why I don't think Google Groups is the right answer for solving
> the problems we have today.
> My guess is that if we define clearly what we need and expect, we can
> get a few people moving in the right direction to create something that
> actually solves our needs.  Without a clear sense of purpose and
> direction, we just keep discussing it and then time passes.  Let's write
> a multi-stage spec. for what we need, and see who's interested in making
> it happen, and do it.

Well, I'd volunteer for such a analsysis and design task, I do have some 
experience with Siebel (nee Scopus). That platform (and others like SAP, 
Sugar CRM) implement a Help Desk subsystem.

> I also think the result should be a great, high-traffic real-world
> application of how to make great use of Dojo + something.  I know
> resources are limited, but I think a solid roadmap will make it much
> easier for anyone that wants to help get involved to get involved.

As long as the boundaries are clearly defined

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