[dojo-contributors] dojo roadmap

Greg Wilkins gregw at mortbay.com
Mon May 18 01:20:27 EDT 2009

Eugene Lazutkin wrote:
> One big reason to bundle everything together is to put the whole bundle
> on AOL and Google CDNs. Switching pieces of Dojo on their own timetables
> robs us of this opportunity unless we do something about it.

Just because everything is released together does not mean that it
has to be developed together.

I invite those reading this thread to have a read of the recent cometd
threads.   The dojox.cometd module is really best developed and hosted
from the cometd.org project - as that is where is can develop with
the servers and be free to have it's own lifecycle etc.

But we want to have a quality dojox.cometd client built into every
release of dojo, because users just want to be able to do
dojo.require("dojox.cometd") and have it work in testing, from AOL and
for building custom releases.

Thus while I don't know exactly what the solution is for dojox,
I do think the status quo is problematic.


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