[dojo-contributors] Google Groups management

Mike Wilson mikewse at hotmail.com
Fri May 15 14:16:30 EDT 2009

Tom Trenka wrote:
> The only issue that may be an issue (and just 
> throwing it out there) is that it's jQuery-based.

Ouch, that hurts :-)

Eugene Lazutkin wrote:
> 1) I use a news reader to read mail list (via gmane).
> It keeps different news lists separate, and allows to 
> see messages in context. nabble doesn't provide news 
> access. If we are to have a mail list option for the 
> forum, I can still use gmane, and it becomes a non-
> issue.

If I understand it correctly, Nabble actually doesn't
make a difference between a forum and a mailing list.
The same data model serves both projections so if you
have a forum you always have a mailing list.

> 2) Nabble tinkers with frames => you have a web 
> interface yet you cannot reference a thread/answer 
> easily. Nabble does provide a permalink, but I bet 
> it is going to be missed by many. I see it as a 
> serious usability flaw --- our current forums are 
> better in this respect.

Right, if there's no magic to solve that I agree that
it is serious. Also, frames are so '90s ;-)
That would mean that embedding in its current form is
not so interesting.

Bill Keese wrote:
> After seeing those issues, plus considering that the 
> more complicated we make our plans the less likely 
> they are to actually happen, I'm against trying to 
> embed nabble in our own pages.
> Will nabble support import/export even when they are 
> hosting it?

They always support import.
Not doing own hosting leaves export in the hands of the
Nabble folks, and while I have found them very helpful
I haven't heard of any export services.
My safest bet would be to set up a mailbox and subscribe
it to the mailing list feed, as having all posts in mbox
format is a fairly universal generic thing (missing data
about ratings and such though).

With the reasoning above, I guess Nabble's only 
advantages over Google Groups is that it can import the
mailing lists and may be restyled (css changes can be 
done even if you don't do embedding).

Best regards

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