[dojo-contributors] Cometd code review?

Greg Wilkins gregw at mortbay.com
Fri May 15 10:29:57 EDT 2009


the refactored cometd javascript (with a common base for both
jquery and dojox - eventually others), is now mostly functional
and is available in


As this code has been mostly developed by two java hacks (Simone
and myself), we'd appreciate a bit of a code review from some
more js immersed folks to correct us from our evil strong
typing inspired ways.

Currently the maven build takes dojo 1.3 and excludes the
current dojox/cometd and replaces it with the common based
one.   The intention is that eventually this code will replace
the code in dojox.cometd - so it needs to be of dojo quality
(and yes we can move the { and use tabs).


ps. If there are any prototype or ext.js users reading this,
it would also be great to see those frameworks use this
common implementation - to test it is indeed generic enough.

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