[dojo-contributors] A new build tool for style guide violation checking

Shane O'Sullivan shaneosullivan1 at gmail.com
Thu May 14 18:02:37 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I'm working on hooking up the checkstyle tool to an SVN hook, and need
a little help.

1. How to I make a script fail a check?  If the .sh file calls a .js
file using Rhino, how do I fail the svn hook check?  Print "Error" or
2. How/where to I work with SVN hooks? :-)

Maybe someone else could handle #2 :-)  Any ideas?  Are there any
other svn hooks in Dojo that I can copy as an example?



2009/5/11 Shane O'Sullivan <shaneosullivan1 at gmail.com>:
> I think keeping it simple for developers to use is quite worthwhile.
> Also, while the errors being checked for can conceptually be grouped
> into separate "types" of validation,  they all fall under the Dojo
> style guide, and are all simple little things that developers can fix
> quickly.  Having them all checked for, and listed, in the same place
> makes sense to me.
> Pete, with regards to your suggestions for || and && surrounded by
> spaces, that's been added and the patch updated.  The page at
> http://skynet.ie/~sos/misc/dojoCheckstyle/util/buildscripts/checkstyleReport.html
> has also been updated with the new errors, now at a grand total of
> 6011.
> Thanks
> Shane
> 2009/5/11 Mike Wilcox <mwilcox at sitepen.com>:
>>> Mike Wilcox wrote:
>>>> It sounds like you are mixing two different validations - code
>>>> integrity (braces in if statements)  and formating integrity (proper
>>>> tabbing and minimum whitespace).
>>> Maybe I'm confused, but I'm talking about our "style guidelines".
>>> if (foo) { return; }
>>> should be:
>>> if(foo){ return; }
>>> and explicitly NOT:
>>> if(foo) return;
>> Yes, but let me clarify what I saw as a problem - having the parser
>> handle code validation and format validation. If hypothetically, we
>> wanted to use JSLint, and remove our custom engine we would lose the
>> validation of tabs and spaces, since JSLint doesn't do that.
>> Basically, there is code style which applies to JavaScript, and format
>> style which applies to the docs and build/compression.
>> I only suggest they be two different validation engines. Otherwise its
>> all good stuff.
>> Mike
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