[dojo-contributors] Google Groups management

Dylan Schiemann dylan at dojotoolkit.org
Tue May 12 03:32:16 EDT 2009

-1 for shutting down dojo-interest, only if we have a way to move all of
those users into the new system (setup accounts for them automatically,

A lot of people are subscribed to the list, and we don't want to lose
those people.

I'm now 0 on google groups, only because I know that we as a community
are not doing enough to satisfy the needs of our community.  I'm not
sold that a Google Group would magically make it easier for us to answer
questions (an ideal solution for me would make it easy to embed working
dojo code in page, for example).  The bigger issue is that we don't have
enough people dedicating time to answering questions (myself being as
big a victim of this as anyone).  I've switched my vote to 0 only
because I know we're all strapped for time.

The new infrastructure of the web site is going to be as follows:

* web site: Django + Dojango
* blog: WordPress

I would suggest we evaluate the following options and decide for now
what we'll do, and have a new system in place by June 30 (not that we
have anyone ready to step up and do this other than the Google Groups
option, but setting a realistic deadline to evaluate the options out
there now, to pick one, find someone interested, and do it):

* Django-based solutions:
** http://code.google.com/p/counterpoint/
** http://sct.sphene.net/wiki/show/Start/
** http://code.google.com/p/diamanda/

* WordPress-based solutions:
** Simple:Press

* Zend-based solutions:
** Find out what Zend Framework uses (presumably it's Zend-based... I
mention this, because everyone raves about how well Zend and php.net are

* Google Groups
** (evaluate their API, and see what we can do with it if we want to
customize it to our needs later)


Bill Keese wrote:
>> Either way, dojo-interest should be killed off; a single point of entry 
>> for non-real-time inquiries is a must IMHO.
> Yup, agreed.   I think we definitely have a majority vote (again) on 
> shutting down dojo-interest.
> (Although if we are killing off drupal forums too, might as well do it 
> at the same time, so that we can redirect dojo-interest users directly 
> to google groups.)
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