[dojo-contributors] No Side Effects Rejection

Robert Coup rcoup at dojotoolkit.org
Tue May 12 02:14:10 EDT 2009

2009/5/12 Nathan Toone <toonetown at dojotoolkit.org>

> You know, I have found that jsl (which isn't related to Crockford's jslint)
> is actually pretty good at finding things like trailing commas, and it is
> quite configurable.  We use it internally for the code that we write - and
> it catches a lot of things that might otherwise be missed.  But it doesn't
> seem to hurt your feelings as often as jslint does.  :)
> http://www.javascriptlint.com

+1 for jsl, I've set it up as a pre-commit check in several organisations.
JsLint is a bit overbearing for my liking.

Rob :)
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