[dojo-contributors] Google Groups management

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Tue May 12 00:13:15 EDT 2009

FYI, here's a summary of the last time we voted on this, on 
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.dojo.devel/9466/focus=9504, which 
got stalemated by people saying they wanted to do due diligence before 
making a decision (at which point we agreed to postpone until Dec 2008):

	+1: 7
	-1: 7
	due diligence: 3

The votes as I counted were:

	Nikolai: +1
	Robert Coup: -1
	Adam: +1
	Peter: +1
	Dustin: -1
	Nathan: +1
	Eugene: due diligence
	Alex: due diligence    (but +1 to turn off dojo-interest)
	Tom: due diligence
	Mike Wilcox: -1   (against data fragmentation)
	Revin: -1    (against data fragmentation)
	James: +1
	Bill: +1
	Dylan: -1
	Doug: -1
	Karl: -1
	Scott: +1
	Greg Wilkins: +0
	Sam: -1

Recently I've seen these changed votes:

	Tom: +1

Did I count anyone's vote wrong, or has anyone else changed their mind? 
    I'm hoping that the past six months have sufficed as due diligence, 
or at least quelled the hope for it.

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