[dojo-contributors] Build.sh and java version requirements (seems we may have outdated information)

Karl Tiedt ktiedt at gmail.com
Mon May 11 11:33:51 EDT 2009

According to the docs, our build tool should work with 1.4.2+ (1.5 recommend
-- no explanation) to 1.6 I believe it as... trying to compile Dojo 1.3.1 on
java 1.4.2p7 nets an error, copying over a custom_rhino.jar (possible fix
suggested by Dustin) got father along, but then the patch to no longer
require custom_rhino.jar appears to break on a compressScript() call... so
can ayone knee deep in the build tool confirm that this is infact
misinformation and we no longer work with 1.4.2 (and yes I know its old --
Dustin and I have had this conversation already :P)

-Karl Tiedt
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