[dojo-contributors] Google Groups management

Nathan Toone toonetown at dojotoolkit.org
Mon May 11 09:31:54 EDT 2009

Once again - I'm +1 for google groups.


On May 11, 2009, at 12:44 AM, Tom Trenka wrote:

> If nothing else, the argument for moving to Google Groups is more
> compelling due to the excessive bandwidth we're taking at the  
> foundation
> servers, which I'm led to believe we're being billed heavily for due  
> to
> overages.
> I would agree with you 100%.  In fact, I'd make the following  
> suggestions at this point:
> 1. Go with Google Groups, period.  And kill off dojo-interest.
> 2. Do our best to archive and let people find the current info from  
> the forums, but don't get overly nuts with it if we can't.
> 3. WRT to the news/blog: set up a Wordpress install under something  
> like news.dojotoolkit.org, and install the Akismet spamming  
> mechanism.  At least with that we can do a quick and dirty theme  
> (something akin to the new site design) and go with the existing WP  
> plugin structures to minimize whatever work needs to be done to get  
> it going with our needs.
> 4. Start really moving towards getting the new site up as soon as  
> possible, with both API doc and dojocampus doc integration.
> Reading over the current thread, I thought I should mention why I  
> made these points...I think one of the biggest problems we've had  
> overall is the disparate resources we've tried to provide for  
> everyone.  For instance, we have a *slew* of sub-domains (not to  
> mention resources spread all over the place, starting way back when  
> with Jot and continuing on), and I think that we've basically done a  
> pretty bad job in terms of making things easy to find/deal with.  As  
> with everything else, we try to be everything for everyone and that  
> makes for some very confusing research.
> So the goal here is to simplify:  start taking advantage of  
> resources that were not available to us as DTK evolved, and try to  
> minimize the cost (both in terms of money and maintenance) for  
> putting our best foot forward.  We have so many different things  
> going on that it's simply too hard for many people to find the  
> information they need or get the answers they need for what they are  
> doing.
> Hope that helps--
> trt
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