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Peter E Higgins dante at dojotoolkit.org
Mon May 11 04:20:20 EDT 2009

Well, yes and no. My decision there I think now was a mistake.
Initially, we had tundra.css @ 1000+ lines ... The decision was made at
a DDD:goog to include the cssOptimize param, and break tundra.css (et
al) into the multiple mini files. I worked with jburke to define this
"spec", and in our conversations I suggested we (by default) exclude
"dijit.css" to allow for multiple themes existing concurrently, but in
reality it doesn't work. The references to ../dijit.css in each of the
top level theme rollup files ends up re-including (only "in theory",
it's using the cached version) dijit.css rules, breaking several
components along the way. doing something like:

@import "../dijit/themes/tundra/tundra.css";
@import "../dijit/themes/nihilo/nihilo.css";

ends up loading:


in that order, and because of the way the inheritance works, the rules
in tundra.css are 'clobbered' to a degree.

We've had @import "../dijit.css" in each theme file for quite some time
now (1.1?), so another motivation behind cssImportIgnore was to preserve
the basic behavior of dijit.css "not being in or apart of a theme
directly", but in hindsight we should probably just drop the
cssImportIgnore  in build-release.sh and make tundra.css, nihilo.css,
and soria.css each have duplicates of dijit.css ... it is "broken"
either way when trying to work with multiple-full-themes, and I'd still
like to preserve the backwards-compat of "only having to load the
themeName.css file to get all you need", but am inclined to suggest we
just drop the param from the default release build.


Bill Keese wrote:
> Pete, didn't you tell me once that this is so dijit.css doesn't get 
> downloaded twice if you include two themes onto a page?
> Dustin Machi wrote:
>> In discussions with a customer, we noticed that in the tundra.css the  
>> dijit.css import is ignored.  After a little bit of tracing, this  
>> comes down to being ignored by the buildscripts via a  
>> cssIgnoreImport=../dijit.css option that we use in build-release.sh.   
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