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Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Mon May 11 02:44:38 EDT 2009

> If nothing else, the argument for moving to Google Groups is more
>> compelling due to the excessive bandwidth we're taking at the foundation
>> servers, which I'm led to believe we're being billed heavily for due to
>> overages.

> I would agree with you 100%.  In fact, I'd make the following suggestions
> at this point:
> 1. Go with Google Groups, period.  And kill off dojo-interest.
> 2. Do our best to archive and let people find the current info from the
> forums, but don't get overly nuts with it if we can't.
> 3. WRT to the news/blog: set up a Wordpress install under something like
> news.dojotoolkit.org, and install the Akismet spamming mechanism.  At
> least with that we can do a quick and dirty theme (something akin to the new
> site design) and go with the existing WP plugin structures to minimize
> whatever work needs to be done to get it going with our needs.
> 4. Start really moving towards getting the new site up as soon as possible,
> with both API doc and dojocampus doc integration.

Reading over the current thread, I thought I should mention why I made these
points...I think one of the biggest problems we've had overall is the
disparate resources we've tried to provide for everyone.  For instance, we
have a *slew* of sub-domains (not to mention resources spread all over the
place, starting way back when with Jot and continuing on), and I think that
we've basically done a pretty bad job in terms of making things easy to
find/deal with.  As with everything else, we try to be everything for
everyone and that makes for some very confusing research.

So the goal here is to simplify:  start taking advantage of resources that
were not available to us as DTK evolved, and try to minimize the cost (both
in terms of money and maintenance) for putting our best foot forward.  We
have so many different things going on that it's simply too hard for many
people to find the information they need or get the answers they need for
what they are doing.

Hope that helps--
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