[dojo-contributors] dojo roadmap

sam foster potatosculptor at gmail.com
Wed May 6 18:43:12 EDT 2009

seems like we need to shape up the road map for 1.4, 1.5, 2.0 and
anything in between. From the #dojo-meeting, I heard the following

* (jamestag) core: better productivity in core, part of that relates
to making sure we have a story or at least a doc mapping how base+core
can be used like jquery. perf optimizations where they make sense. i
wanted those things in 1.4/1.5, for 2.0 i want to take that time to
trim things out of base that are not commonly needed, like the withDoc
stuff, get rid of things i think are redundant. take the moment to
break the api, but i think we can

* (ttrenka) breaking DojoX away from the DTK release

* (sfoster) I'd like to see dojoc grow into the community sandbox.

The roadmap needs impetus, and an owner, and eventually consensus so
we can all get behind it and push. This is critical for all the
companies betting on dojo, and a good thing to have as guidance as we
triage tickets, add features, and contemplate work on infrastructure,
tools, and so on.

What will the tagline be for 1.4? for 1.5? And what, apart from a
general cleanout will 2.0 be all about in your mind? Please add your
thoughts and any plans you have, or are aware of.


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