[dojo-contributors] 1.3 direction

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Fri Sep 26 13:42:56 EDT 2008

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 11:27 AM, Bill Keese <bill at dojotoolkit.org> wrote:
> Can we contributors reach some consensus on the two or three top
> priorities for the 1.3 release that we'll all work on?  What do you
> think they should be?  (I won't be there on Sunday so I thought I'd
> start the thread here.)

I agree with the "polish and browser support" theme: Make sure we
tighten things up, support newer browsers and address user pain
points. Some concrete things I was considering for core and the build

- IE8 support.

- Initial Chrome support via dojo.isWebKit and dojo.isChrome. Evaluate
uses of dojo.isSafari in the code and see if dojo.isWebKit is more

- Try to recover some size from Dojo Base. Every release it creeps up,
seems like about 1-2KB for each release. We are starting to approach
30KB for the xdomain Dojo Base. Not sure how much size can be
recovered though. Probably not much.

- Further consideration of Eugene's proposal for a dojo.element
function in Base, and hopefully its use throughout our codebase to
help make code more concise.

Build system
- Help with the web build system. There is a version checked in that
uses Helma (a jetty server that runs JS on the server via rhino) to
generate build layers. However it has no UI on it, and we probably
need a better solution that works with people's local code. The
existing code just runs the existing build system but on the server
for dojo/dojox/dijit code.

- Pete mentioned having a build option that can pull dojox modules
from the web so we can leave out dojox from our release bundles to
make them smaller. This would not be anything fancy: just pulling a
zip file of a dojox module from the dojotoolkit.org website, based on
a project-wide release tag.

- Provide some discrete web services for parts of the build: one that
has dependency maps, one that does shrinksafe/comment removal, one
that can generate xd contents for a layer. Some of this already exists
in some form, maybe just making more of an official plan around it.
This may not make the 1.3 release.

- I have wanted to have a "quick reference card" for Dojo Base for a
while. I have done a very bad job of helping out the doc porting
effort so far, so hopefully I will help more in this area, and maybe
try to get to the quick reference card.

- It would be great to port the API documentation system to a JS-based
one that we can run like the build, and something that does not
require PHP. Not sure that would make it for 1.3, but addressing the
doc system toolchain to make more approachable for people to use on
their own code would be nice.


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