[dojo-contributors] 1.3 direction

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Fri Sep 26 01:27:19 EDT 2008

Thanks for the replies!  I hope to see more responses on 1.3 direction 
from others, but let me respond to a few of the comments so far:

Dylan Schiemann wrote:
 > Obviously I'd like to see more polish, probably less new features, and a
 > faster 1.3 release (perhaps plan for mod-November prior to the US
 > holidaze season?).  Basically a pretty major reduction in the number of
 > bugs seems important to me.
 > IE 8 will probably need to be addressed in this time frame.

This all makes sense to me.

I think IE8 needs to be the gating factor for 1.3, which also implies a 
quick release.  According to

IE8 itself will release in November.  Theoretically means that we should 
be releasing IE8 support before that so our "customers" have time to 
upgrade their sites before IE8 goes live.

As for bugs... yah of course I'd love to see the bug list go down, there 
are 436 bugs marked as "defect" now.

Can we take some people currently planning to work on new features and 
have them work on bugs/polish/IE8 instead?

Adam Peller wrote:
 > Matrix testing for the tests we've got being much higher priority 
than writing automated tests, IMHO.

Hmm, ISTM that given the number of OSs (Win2K, WinXP, Vista, Tiger, 
Leopard, Linuxes) and the number of browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, FF2, FF3, 
Safari, Opera, Konqueror, Chrome) that it's not practical to test every 
single combination by hand.  And it also seems really unlikely that 
something will work correctly on IE7/vista but fail on IE7/WinXP.

Adam Peller wrote:
 > For migrating widgets from dojox to dijit, I'm not sure I see the 
pressing need, unless it's just to make dijit more marketable.

Yah, certainly no pressing need, I just thought it would be very quick 
(an hour of work maybe).  If Grid's API hasn't stabilized by 1.3 then we 
should delay migrating it.

Becky Gibson wrote:
 > My highest priority for 1.3 is to make the grid accessible.

Yah, that does seem important; otherwise a lot of our "customers" just 
can't release products using the grid.

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