[dojo-contributors] 1.3 direction

Becky Gibson becky at dojotoolkit.org
Thu Sep 25 18:01:48 EDT 2008

My highest priority for 1.3 is to make the grid accessible.  I'd also like
to see automated dijit testing as there are still many keyboard bugs and
regressions that get introduced / within each development cycle.  IE 8
support is also important and may require some a11y tweaks as well.
I have a few other widgets that could use some accessibility improvements:

   - make calendar keyboard accessible
   - update slider so a screen reader can speak text values (low, med, high
   rather than 1, 2, 3)
   - support announcement of ajax updates by a screen reader (via changes to

For 1.4 I'd like to see drag and drop accessibility tackled.

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 4:56 PM, Adam L. Peller <adam at peller.org> wrote:

> For general Dojo issues, IE8 and matrix testing are extremely high on my
> list.  Matrix testing for the tests we've got being much higher priority
> than writing automated tests, IMHO.  We can talk about when is the right
> time to cover Chrome.
> It seems like Bill's ideas fall into a few different buckets with very
> different sizes: project wide, dojox->dijit migration, and widget-specific
> features.  (I'd consider adding validation hints to the feature list as
> well, if we can figure out how to do it -- e.g. mm-dd-yyyy)  Whether the
> widget-specific features make it in 1.3 or 1.4 and the timing of those
> releases are things we'll need to work out.  For migrating widgets from
> dojox to dijit, I'm not sure I see the pressing need, unless it's just to
> make dijit more marketable.  Do we feel these widgets have settled down, at
> least when it comes to API stability, or perhaps it would be best to wait
> another cycle to be sure?  Perhaps we should do some sort of API review like
> we (sort of) did for most of Dijit in 0.9 before moving the code?
> -Adam
> On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 2:46 PM, Dylan Schiemann <mail at dylans.org> wrote:
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>> Obviously I'd like to see more polish, probably less new features, and a
>> faster 1.3 release (perhaps plan for mod-November prior to the US
>> holidaze season?).  Basically a pretty major reduction in the number of
>> bugs seems important to me.
>> IE 8 will probably need to be addressed in this time frame.
>> I'd also like to have the new site implemented, demos and docs in place,
>>  a web-based build system, etc.  Basically taking the time to make life
>> easier for users and contributors, and then we can regroup for a bunch
>> of new features in 1.4 in 2009.
>> I should also have a fairly mature draft for the Dojo Foundation site
>> done by the end of the Ajax Experience, thanks to help from Torrey,
>> Chris Anderson (SitePen), and Tobias Klipstein (uxebu).
>> Regards,
>> - -Dylan
>> Bill Keese wrote:
>> > Can we contributors reach some consensus on the two or three top
>> > priorities for the 1.3 release that we'll all work on?  What do you
>> > think they should be?  (I won't be there on Sunday so I thought I'd
>> > start the thread here.)
>> >
>> > Basically, I'm looking for consensus/buy-in from the people actually
>> > writing the code, so we can work together towards that common goal.  We
>> > did this once before back in the 0.9 development days, when we decided
>> > to rewrite everything.  But I don't think we've really done it since
>> > then.   The 1.3 delata should be a lot smaller than 0.9 delta, but
>> > should still set a general direction.
>> >
>> > I have some ideas but I figure I'll let others answer first.   Although,
>> > BTW, I started a discussion about Dijit 1.3 priorities in
>> > http://dojotoolkit.org/2008/09/17/dijit-1-3.
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